The Bruery
CHRONOLOGY:18 WEE HEAVY (2016) 750ml

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ABV: 14,2%
STYLE: Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

The Bruery´s latest Chronology Series™ - a Scotchology, if you will - continues its evolution. They brewed a wee heavy - known for rich, malt-forward flavors - and set it to age in bourbon barrels. Every six months, they take a quarter of the barrels, blend them and bottle them. This third bottling in the four-part series represents the nuances imparted to the base beer after 18 months of barrel aging.

Specifications for The Bruery - CHRONOLOGY:18 WEE HEAVY (2016) 750ml

The Bruery
Alc.% Range:
Very High ≥ 10,0%
Bottle 750ml