Bura Brew

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ABV: 6,2%
IBU: 45
STYLE: English IPA

Istrian reinterpretation (Istrian Pale Ale) of the Indian Pale Ale (British style) brewed with barley malt, a small amount of wheat malt, yeast and a mix of English and American hops which evoke an intense aroma thanks also to the additional amount of hops added in dry hopping. It presents itself in amber colour with abundant as well as creamy and persistent foam. The hoppy flavours varying from exotic fruit to citrus and floral elements are first perceived in the nose persisting throughout the mouth accompanied by a medium body. It resolves in a pleasant bitterness which recalls the flavours of grapefruit.

Specifications for Bura Brew - TORNADO IPA - ISTRIAN PALE ALE 330ml

Bura Brew
Alc.% Range:
Elevated 6,0% - 7,4%
Bottle 330ml