VAGABOND Gluten Free 330ml

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ABV: 4,5%
IBU: 55
STYLE: American Pale Ale (APA) (Gluten - Free)

A kick-ass, hop-forward pale ale, that just so happens to be gluten free. Vagabond Pale Ale melds citrus and tropical hop flavours with a light caramel malt base, backed up with a raucously resinous bitterness. Brewed using 100% malted barley, American hop varieties, pure Scottish water and our clean-fermenting house yeast, Vagabond is missing only one thing - Gluten.

Specifications for BrewDog - VAGABOND Gluten Free 330ml

Alc.% Range:
Normal 4,5% - 5,9%
Bottle 330ml