Goblet Beer Store is an online store with 600+ craft beers and one clear mission - to provide European consumers an easy access to our best local and regional microbreweries, altogether with world's most hyped beers. In our portfolio we have great US, British, Scandinavian and other Western microbreweries, but our main strength are beers from local microbreweries from Southeast and East Europe.

Currently we have selected dozens of great beers and we are continuously working hard to bring more great craft beers from all around the world. Our craft beer offer is a “living organism”, a kind of a perpetuum mobile, so it is continuously being changed and upgraded with fresh and exciting beers.


We have two Goblet Beer Stores in Croatia for direct sales:

  • one in Zagreb (+500 beers; 6 taps, filling Growlers with the Pegas system), and
  • one in Rijeka (+500 beers).

Craft beer selection & diversity is our big advantage, but what we strive most towards in our stores is actually to provide you with the best possible service and to bring, to your tables, a beer that resembles, as closely as possible, those found at the source, served from a tank or in a microbrewery taproom.


Goblet Beer Store was established in 2018 as a response to the needs and wishes of beer lovers in Croatia and, today, it’s the store with the greatest craft beer selection in Southeast Europe.

An expert team of craft beer enthusiasts & connoisseurs stands behind Goblet Beer Store, along with an experienced mother-company with over 10 years of experience with craft beer imports, distribution, education and developing craft beer market in our region. Beer is liquid gold, but, for us, our team is platinum!


Best beer store / bar in Zagreb...wide selection of Croatian, as well as beers from all over Europe. Super friendly bar manager with amazing knowledge about beer types and brewing processes. Beers are served in appropriate glasses as they should be.

Alan B.C.

Absolutely love this place! Great offer of craft beers, tapped and bottled. Very pleasant atmosphere, friendly hosts and cool local beer drinkers.

Milan L.

Top notch beer shop, a vast selection of foreign as well as local craft bootles and cans, very knowledgeable staff, they even got 7 rotating taps. Highly recommended for tasting, buying or just hanging out with the local beergeeks!

Petar Z.